Delivery policy

  • You need a valid delivery address when a project is created.
  • Projects can only be shipped within our designated delivery zones (see map).
  • Please note that the above does not apply to the billing addresses.
  • There might be a delivery fee for some projects.
  • Our target ready time is approximately 6 weeks from order placement.
  • Prior to delivery we will call to arrange for a specific day and a 3-hour window.
  • There must be a predetermined designated person 18 years of age or older to receive and sign for the delivery.
  • We will not leave products in a designated area without a signed bill of lading by the client or their representative.
  • For semi-detached homes, detached homes and free-standing buildings we will need a clear path to drop off all products in an empty garage, on the driveway or somewhere of equal standing. The contactor/purchaser is responsible to relocate all products and parts from this designated area to their final destination.
  • For condominiums, we will drop off all products & parts in a designated loading area. The contactor/purchaser is responsible to relocate all products & parts from this designated area to their final destination.
  • It is solely the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure that all and every finished CabinetApp product will fit where it has been designed to go. This includes but is not limited to basements, 2nd floor walk ups, elevators, doorways, and alike.
  • Once the shipment is delivered, it is the responsibility of the purchaser to protect all delivered products from weather and any exposure to natural elements. This is to include but not limited to heat, cold, water or force.
  • In the event that a job site is not ready to accept products, we will hold those products for 2 weeks free of charge. Past the 2-week period a charge will be applied.

Order policy

  • We accept online orders only
  • It is mandatory that all orders be paid in full in order to check out.
  • All payments are made through a secure third-party ecommerce platform.
  • This platform is programmed to accept VISA & MASTERCARD only.
  • After order placement, you will be given a 48-hour window to make any modifications including cancellation of the entire order.
  • Modifications within the 48-hour period resulting in a refund will have an administrative fee equivalent to 3% of that change.
  • Cancellation of an entire order within the 48-hour period will result in an administrative fee of 3% of that order.
  • After the 48-hour window expires, no modifications will be accepted.
  • CabinetApp is a supply chain business only.
  • Installation of all CabinetApp products and related parts will be the sole responsibility of others.
  • CabinetApp reserves the right to notify a client within 72-hours of order placement and cancel the order entirely or in part due to the discontinuation of a specific material. This will result in a full refund without an administrative fee.
  • CabinetApp reserves the right to notify a client that a specific material is temporarily out of stock which will result in a delayed delivery time. At this point the client can decide to change the material to something readily available or wait for the original material to arrive.

Returns & Warranty policy

  • CabinetApp does not accept returns on custom millwork and/or parts due to costumer error. We manufacture exactly what was ordered.
  • CabinetApp takes pride in the assembly and packaging process in order to ensure that we deliver a damage free product. On delivery, the client or its representative will be asked to sign a delivery bill of lading. This will confirm that all products are received in good standing.
  • We warranty the finish on all doors, fronts and parts for a period of 2 years from the delivery date.
  • We warranty hinges, drawer slides and accessories for a period of 5 years.
  • The warranty applies under normal use by the original purchaser only.
  • The warranty will be considered null and void if the product is damaged as a result of the followings:
    1. - Misuse and/or neglect
    2. - Exposure to water or excessive humidity
    3. - Exposure to Abnormal heat
    4. - Exposure to improper cleaning chemicals
    5. - Inappropriate handling or transportation
    6. - Exposure to sharp objects or tools of the trade
    7. - Improper installation

Delivery Zones