Frequently Asked Questions

1. Am I allowed to purchase from CabinetApp if I live outside the designated delivery zones?

If delivery address is outside of the designated zone, a minimum delivery charge of $250.00 will apply.

2. Am I able to pick up products from CabinetApp factory?

Yes, all orders are available as a pick up. Pick up address is 16 Martin Ross Ave, Downsview, ON M3J 2K8.

3. Will the delivery people drop off my new kitchen cabinets in the actual kitchen area?

No, we are only contracted to place on a driveway or a clear garage area.

4. What if CabinetApp is ready to deliver products and the job site is not ready to receive them?

We are prepared to hold ready to ship products for 2 weeks. After 2 weeks a charge will be applied.

5. What does RTI mean?

RTI means ready to install. This means cabinets are manufactured and assembled prior to delivery. This does not apply to the closet organizer section.

6. Will CabinetApp install the cabinets for me?

No. It is the sole responsibility of the purchaser/client to arrange for all installation related matters. This applies to all CabinetApp products and parts.

7. Will CabinetApp refer or suggest an installer?


8. I have ordered a cabinet and it does not fit?

This website is designed and catered to the contracting industry. Anyone who uses this platform is expected to understand all consequences of site measurements and products fitting into those measurements. They must also be aware of all the secondary parts that are required to make a complete product. For example if someone orders base cabinets, they would have to understand and order the proper length of kick separately.

9. How many orders and projects can I manage at any one time?

Unlimited. The order dashboard is designed to allow multiple projects/baskets to be defined and managed at the same time.

10. Who is responsible to read and understand the appliance specifications and how the cabinets fit and relate to those appliances?

It is the sole responsibility of the purchaser to ensure that all cabinets and parts are in compliance with the appliance specifications.

11. My installer has damaged an item(s) during the installation. What are my options?

The CabinetApp order platform will allow you to re order any replacement parts.

12. I forgot to order a couple of items in my original order. I ordered these items today. Would it be possible to merge both orders so that the second delivery cost could be avoided and could I receive them together?

No. This is a dynamic operation and orders get processed, built and shipped systematically.

13. What if I need touch-up paint after the installation?

You will receive a bottle of touch up paint per colour with each order. This applies to MDF painted only.